Mounting accessories

Our mounting accessories meet all the requirements for an exact and stable positioning of modules in an economically beneficial way. Centering elements guarantee the repeated orientation of the assembly structure. Support Bases, Cross-connectors and Fixing Units are lightweight and optimized for operations. Support accessories enable multiple variations in assembling.


System 30

Compliant with
Linear module LM 49
Column diameter: 30 mm

System 50

Compliant with
Linear module LM 70
Column diameter: 50 mm


The mounting accessories consist of two series. System 30 diameters with 30mm column are intended for installation of linear modules LM 35 and LM 49. System 50 diameter with 50mm column is intended for installation of linear module LM 70. Robust single and double column stand resistant to vibration are available which allow the excellent dynamic characteristics and repeat accuracies of the individual elements to be exploited. On the basis of a small number of standard elements, a wide range of mounting arrangements can be configured. Machined locating surfaces with integral mounting and centring holes ensure precise angular mounting of the elements. Of couse we offer in addition to our standard also individual, customized solutions.