Welding with high-energy pulse

GLAMAtronic is specialized in the capacitor discharge welding (CD-welding) with a high-energy pulse. We have established ourselves through 25 years of experience in welding engineering as a reliable partner for a wide variety of industries.

The CD-welding is a special form of the projection welding, in which a high-energy pulse is produced by a transformed capacitor discharge. Characteristically, there is an extremely short welding time of < 10 ms with a fast current rise and very high welding currents.

The significant advantage of the method CD-welding, compared to conventional projection welding, is a small electrical power supply. The high electrical energy required for welding is not taken directly from the power supply, but discharged directly from a capacitor bank. The CD-welding is basically an easy-to-use method with an excellent reproducibility and precision. The process is also characterized by a very high efficiency. Therefore the controlled heat in the joint zone guarantees very reproducible welding results.

The feasibility and the welding quality of all the new products can be represented by welding tests with appropriate mechanical and metallographic studies at GLAMAtronic product development division.


Typical applications
for CD-welding

Mass products in the automotive industry and its suppliers as airbag components, pump housings, gear, shock absorbers, filters and sintered metal parts.

Quality monitoring system

The welding sequence is controlled by the integrated online quality monitoring system. The key parameters are monitored and documented for each welding.

Tools and automation equipment

With customer-oriented welding tools and automation facilities, we offer complete solutions from a single source.
Werkzeug und Automatisierungseinrichtungen

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