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We are a German supplier of premium customized automation equipment's and have developed our standards MEIERHOFER alpha-move (conveyor systems), MEIERHOFER alpha-feed (part and screw feeding systems) and MEIERHOFER alpha-screw (screw driving applications).

Meet the challenges and always focus on the requirements of the customer. As a result, Meierhofer has established itself with its market competence in China since 2010. As an experienced partner, the company with its two production locations in China (Suzhou and Chengdu) ensures the successful implementation of complex projects and offers all services of

Every system will be built according to our high quality standard. German Engineering local production is our target to be reached.

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We keep developing and innovating, offering a wide range of products and services that help our customers and clients achieve their ambitions.

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Each of our employees represents the spirit of our company:
Committed and self-confident with the goal of calling boundless potential for our customers.

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